Pneumatic tools for professionals

Tough – Concictent – Proven

Flexible Shaft Machines

The all-rounders from BIAX

Pneumatic spindles

for automation

BIAX tungsten carbide burrs

wear-resistant, maximum removal, highest surface quality

Scraping machines

for high-precision surfaces

Pneumatic tools for professionals

Tough – Concictent – Proven

Flexible Shaft Machines

The all-rounders from BIAX

Pneumatic spindles

for automation

BIAX tungsten carbide burrs

wear-resistant, maximum removal, highest surface quality

Scraping machines

for high-precision surfaces


Welcome to BIAX Germany

Our mission for the past 100 years: To produce the best tools for metalworking

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BIAX production at Maulbronn

BIAX is a trademark of Schmid & Wezel, a Swabian family company founded in 1919. We have always developed and produced high-precision and high quality pneumatic and electric tools. All of our machines are manufactured in Germany and Switzerland and are tailored to the needs of the metalworking industry. Our wide range of hand-held air grinders offers the perfect solution for almost any deburring or grinding task. We offer a wide range of stationary pneumatic spindles with and without deflection for automated processing with robots or CNC machines. The BIAX range is rounded off by our other products such as pneumatic filers, saws, chisels, drills, electric scrapers, machines with flexible shafts and carbide tools.

Quality leader thanks to the highest vertical integration in production

Our modern production facilities which include in-house large machinery enable us to produce up to 90% of the components in-house giving the best possible control over the quality of our products. Each machine also undergoes a thorough inspection (performance, concentricity, functionality) before it leaves our factory. In this way we create sustainable value for our customers. The superior technology of BIAX products is reflected not least in the many well thought out details. This includes, for example, the high-quality materials from which all our equipment is manufactured. And the user-friendly design of the equipment, which is always orientated to the latest ergonomic findings relating to people in the workplace. And not forgetting the excellent quality and long-term reliability of our equipment. For us these properties are integral as a matter of course – for you they are essential! BIAX equipment is simply the best that you can find on the market.

You may expect a great deal from BIAX. At this very moment our designers in our development centres are working on the products that will set the standards of tomorrow. We also offer customized solutions. Our in-house repair shop will gladly overhaul your used BIAX equipment at fixed prices.

New Product Releases

The new MB 30 E Flexible Shaft
  • 5,000 - 15,000 1/min
  • infinitely variable
  • 1,300 Watt
  • const. torque
  • overload protection
The new pneumatic drill
  • 700 g light
  • 160 Watt
  • low noise
  • low vibrations
  • insulated handle
RSC Modular
  • for many spindles:
  • straight / angled
  • oil-free
  • files
  • robots / CNC machines
  • Optional excursion


Visit us at EMO in Hannover, Germany!

18.09. - 23.09.2023

**Hall 4 - Booth C55**


Come, see and test our complete range of manual and automated deburring solutions. We will find a good solution for your deburring project, too. We will be happy to advise you!

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Exhibition Dates

Intec, Leipzig


DST Dreh- und Spantage Südwest, Villingen-Schwenningen



GIFA, Düsseldorf


automatica, Munich





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